Extend Your Service Offering

Stop saying no to business. We can allow you to extend your service offering to help fill the gaps that you don’t have the expertise in. Whether we are a named partner or a behind-the-scenes virtual partner, we can help you land and deliver the projects that you would normally have to pass on:

  • Software Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Strategic Implementations (Software + Hardware)
  • Complex Cloud Migrations
Extend your Service Offering

Offer Complete Solutions

Offer Complete Solutions

Don’t limit yourself to only hardware. Take control of implementations instead of being at the mercy of other software companies.

Here are some of the projects we can help you deliver for your customers:

  • Connect systems to third-party vendors for automation
  • Collect, organize, and migrate data between internal systems
  • Modernize or replace an existing software solution
  • Develop a new application to improve your customer’s efficiency
  • Help enhance security for current or future cloud applications

Cloud-First Implementations

If you focus on cloud enablement, then you know most applications are not designed to be lifted and shifted into the cloud without a lot of help.

That’s where we come in. We can help you modernize client applications to allow for full cloud migration, or identify workloads that would make sense to offload into cloud services, including:

  • Move current applications into the cloud
  • Data migration to the cloud
  • Azure security and hardening review
Cloud-First Implementation

Expand your Managed Services

Expand your Managed Services

Managing IT services doesn’t end with infrastructure and everyday troubleshooting.

We can help you extend your services to include software:

  • Software Architecture Planning
  • Development Managed Service (Outsourced Development Teams)
  • DevOps Tools and Process
  • Application Health monitoring

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